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From years of hands-on experience we’ve developed a production process that ensures your project will be delivered on time and on budget.

Our experiences with Blend have been exceptional. They’re super creative and highly collaborative, making them easy and fun to work with. Most importantly, the results have consistently exceeded our expectations.

Jeff Krum, President, Boulevard Brewing Co.

How We Work

1. Discovery

What are you trying to say? Who is your audience? We love coming in at the ground floor of a good idea. Discovery sessions can happen in person at our downtown office, or remotely, anywhere in the world.

2. Treatment

We take everything we gather in the discovery meeting and send you a treatment for how to execute the video project. It also includes an estimate, production timeline, and list of deliverables.

3. Pre-Production

For video projects we begin working out all the details: location, talent, crew, music licensing, voice talent auditions, etc. For motion graphic and animation projects, the next step is storyboarding and sourcing voice talent and music.

4. Production

We shoot the script. And just as importantly, we make sure shoot days run smoothly. This means call sheets, vetted crew, and plenty of snacks.

5. Post-Production

Raw footage gets backed up to a raided server and editing starts. After picture-lock, we jump into color correction, graphics, and sound design. For motion graphic projects, this is when animation begins. 

6. Delivery

You're invited you to review/ approve the video online or in person at our edit suite. Once the video is approved, we’ll encode it to your liking and send a download link to the final draft.

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Great process and great creative go hand-in-hand.

The first step is scheduling a discover meeting with our team.