We've worked alongside brands of every size to produce award-winning visual content since the spring of 2003. We believe in the simplicity of a good, well-executed idea.

Core Team

Brandon enjoys distilling ideas down into their simplest form and believes that a well planned project always leaves room for improvisation.
Joe has a knack for bringing high production value to Blend projects with exceptional sound and picture.

From concept to delivery

We collaborate with brands and agencies of every size.

Creative Consulting

Whether it's a one-off spot or a full campaign, we can help to define your message, audience, and tone. We're also happy to help translate a raw idea into a story treatment that can be executed on time and within budget.

Script Development

If you already have an idea or treatment, we can bring it to life by developing a script. The script will impact everything from the production schedule and budget, to the talent, crew, and props. 


We’ll make sure all the details of the production are taken care of before the camera starts rolling. This includes creating storyboards and schedules, securing locations, finding talent, and assembling a top-notch crew.


All Blend Studio projects are produced and directed in-house, and most are shot on RED Digital Cinema cameras. No matter the size of the production, we vet and assemble a crew of the finest craftspeople in the area.


We offer in-house post production including editing, color grading, motion graphics, voice over, music licensing, and sound design. Our clients can review and approve projects online. All raw footage is backed up to raided network storage.

Voice Over

We can help you track down and hire the perfect voice for your video or animation project. We’ll audition dozens of talented voice professionals and post them online for your review and approval.

Custom Music

Whether it’s finding and licensing an existing track, or creating a custom score, we collaborate with talented musicians all over the country to build the perfect soundtrack for your video or animation.

Motion Graphics & Animation

We work with designers, illustrators, and animators to develop and design 2D motion graphics for video projects and animated explainer videos.

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Behind the Scenes