Tables in Time

The Alchemedia Project | G&L Holdings

In this thirty-second spot, we visit the origin story of a family business with roots in hard work and a sincere value of the people who make up their company. We share the company's passion for quality and pride in taking care of their customers. And finally, we get to know the culture of trust and teamwork that G&L Holdings has built a reputation on for decades.



The Alchemedia Project


Joe Batty


Shawn Finger, Dan Stewart

lighting & grip

Michael Stone, James McCullough
"Camera Moving!"

Behind the Project

Shot in the studio over the course of three days, this video involved suspending a camera ten feet above the studio floor and required a specialized remote camera dolly and fifteen feet of rail to ensure steady, repeatable motion.

Project Needs

Script Development
Art Direction
Food Styling
Lighting Design
Grip & Electrical