Pro Bono Publico

The Missouri Bar Association

The subject of this mini documentary was being honored by The Missouri Bar Association for his pro bono work in the area of bankruptcy law. What made this story cool was hearing first hand stories of the difference Michael made, both in the lives of an underserved population, and in the lives of the students he influenced. This video was shot at the St. Louis University school of Law.



Joe Batty


Farrah Fite, Brandon Goodwin
Michael Becker, Award Recipient

Behind the Project

We love working on documentary style projects because we have a chance to capture genuine human moments with a cinematic perspective. The truth is that companies and brands are made up of people. The audience for these types of videos is exclusively made up of people. And this approach, when done with authenticity, will always connect, because people care about people, not information.

Project Needs

Lighting Design
Slow Motion