Rated SGF

A Festival is Born

Rated SGF, Springfield, Missouri's first film festival debuted on March 31st 2017. This promotional video was one of four spots we produced to promote the festival's inaugural year. In this campaign we hear from four local individuals who have dedicated their careers to the creative community in Springfield. Last year Rated SGF screened "A Ghost Story", "Saturday Church" and featured live Q&A with the filmmakers and actors. Blend is a proud sponsor of Rated SGF.



Joe Batty

Lighting design

Josh Pfaff

The Blend team took the essence of the Rated SGF brand and turned it into a visually compelling video, beyond anything our team had expected.

Bethany Bell, Co-Founder, Rated SGF
Ellie Schmidly performs at Rated SGF 2018

Behind the Project

Inspired by exceptional things found in unexpected places, Rated SGF celebrates films and artists that challenge our assumptions. Each screening seeks to create an authentic connection, blurring the boundary between storyteller and audience. Learn more at ratedsgf.com

Project Needs

Lighting Design
Motion Graphics