Stamina Products

Stamina is an industry leading manufacture of home fitness equipment. This web-released digital short was created to showcase not just their extensive line of products but also the shared goals and motivation of their loyal customers who share their dedication to convenient at-home fitness.



Joe Batty


Taylor Hutchens


Michael Stone

sound design

Colton Jackson

Blend has an uncanny ability to turn our concepts, sometimes woefully undefined, into a cohesive, interesting, and quality video because they listen to our needs and apply their expertise to provide the best video possible.

Taylor Hutchens, Marketing Director, Stamina Products
Stamina Juvo Board in Action

Behind the Project

We've worked alongside Stamina Products since 2015 to create product information videos, online educational tools, and video campaigns. You can learn more about their company at

Project Needs

Lighting Design
Talent Acquisition
Motion Graphics