The debut music video for the song “Inside” for Sucré’s 2018 EP. This was created over a two day period in Nashville, Tennessee. This was Director, Brandon Goodwin’s fifth video project with the band. You can see the other ones here, here, here, and here.



Brandon Goodwin

Art Direction

Darren King


Jordan Madison
Sucré is Darren and Stacy King

Behind the Project

This production made a point to work within a set of self-inflicted boundaries. We had two days, a warehouse, and a thirty foot video wall. We wanted to make the coolest thing we could within those specific parameters. We love working with Darren and Stacy because they’re not just incredible musicians and human beings, they have original ideas and are just as visually inspired.

Project Needs

Creative Concepting
Production Design
Art Direction
Epilepsy Warnings